This post was meant to be published a few weeks ago, but I hope is still relevant. Microsoft organized an event tour across several countries to »

Recursive lambdas in C++(14)

A while ago I was curious about using recursive lambdas in C++. Since Scheme was my first programming language at the university, recursion is close to »

Specializing a template method of a template class in a header file

Ok, the title is quite specific but I ran into this not long ago and Google wasn't helpful so I'm throwing this in here in case »

Dissertation document

Some people has been asking me for my master's dissertation so I decided to make it publicly available here. Let me know if you have any »

Decision-Making in game characters using Support Vector Machines – Description

[Originally posted on January 28th, 2010] The final title of my dissertation was Decision-Making in game characters using Support Vector Machines. The main reason to change »